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Couture Collection

Lauded by the press and proudly featuring on many Michelin Starred menus, our couture chocolates encapsulate the essence of the chocolatier'scraft: impeccable ingredients, skilled techniques, artistic flavours and textures.
  1. Black and Gold couture ecrin 6


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    A mini tour of our fresh couture chocolates, perfect for stocking fillers, dinner parties table setting, little gifts and luxurious "me time". Mini box for maxi pleasure. Learn More
  2. Black and Gold couture ecrin 12


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    With 12 gorgeous and different chocolates including fresh ganaches, pralines, caramels and pate de fruits layered chocolates, classical or whimsical, the only decision you need to take is whether or not you are prepared to share! Learn More
  3. Black and Gold couture ecrin 24


    In Stock

    One of our most popular chocolate boxes containing 24 different fresh chocolates (about half of our complete couture range). This gold hinged box edged in black sets a dramatic and opulent backdrop to the real stars: the chocolates themselves, each of them with a distillation of flavour, an miniature explosion of taste, a work of chocolate art. Learn More
  4. Black and Gold couture ecrin 48


    In Stock

    A statement for dinner parties (although you may want to skip dinner and go straight for the chocolates), our ecrin hinged and edged in gold holds one or two of each of our fresh couture chocolates.Make sure you pick your favourites before the rest get devoured. Learn More
  5. Black and Gold couture ecrin 96


    In Stock

    A feast for the eyes and taste buds with an epic selection of our vast collection of couture fresh chocolates -up to 45 flavours from classical to whimsical and according to the Telegraph, some of the best chocolates you are ever likely to taste, each with a distillation of flavour, an miniature explosion of taste, a work of art. Learn More
  6. Black and Gold couture Dome


    In Stock

    A citadel of epicureanism, a 1.5kg fortress of fresh chocolates stacked from 6 to 12, 24, 48 and to 96, each layer doubling the gorgeous chocolates and the pleasure. Learn More