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Luxurious Mélanges

Variety is the spice of life. Our luxurious chocolate melanges take you on a delicious epic journey through our masterful creations.
  1. Voyage de Chocolats - Short Haul


    In Stock

    Our cocoa monogrammed trunk invites you to travel the cacao route in style and to discover along the way 4 layers of our shimmering pearls, beloved salted caramels, signature Os, classical truffles, coated fruits and nuts and exotically scented ganaches. Learn More
  2. Pyramide de Chocolats - 3 tiers


    In Stock

    Majestic and magical pyramid shaped box adorned with gold and brown intricate patterns revealing 3 tiers of our equally majestic couture chocolates, pearls, truffles and salted caramels. Open, sit the box on its lid to create a stunning centerpiece and watch the contents disappear. Learn More
  3. Presentoir


    Out Of Stock

    Grace your guests or host with chocolates served in 3 Michelin starred restaurants and watch them swoon over our mouthwatering two-tiered art deco inspired presentoir of fine chocolates. Or keep this marvelous center piece to yourself and have an indulgent and Gatsbyesque night in! Learn More
  4. Limited edition numbered wooden case of chocolates


    In Stock

    The ultimate delicious gifting statement: a limited edition and numbered wooden chest filled to the brim with 1.4kg of with Artisan couture chocolates, pearls, truffles and caramels and closed with a metal clasp. Printed with modern lines and a traditional Arabic pattern, adorned with a metal engraved plaque, each of these boxes is as unique as the occasion it is gifted for. Learn More
  5. Colossal mélange de Chocolats


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    A decadent wheel of artisan chocolates worthy of Charlie and The chocolate Factory and crafted by our ingenious and dedicated oompa loompas in Kent. Learn More
  6. Pyramide de Chocolats - 6 tiers


    In Stock

    Our biggest and undoubtedly most impressive box of chocolates with 6 tiers of opulent artisan chocolates, a wonders of the chocolate world hide a myriad of couture ganaches, classical truffles, liquid salted caramels, shimmering pearls and moreish chocolate coated fruits and nuts. Learn More
  7. Voyage de Chocolats - Long Haul


    In Stock

    Buckle yourself in for a long and intense trip along the cocoa route, one that promises to be exciting, surprising, delightful and delicious. Our monogrammed trunk will take you on a journey of chocolate sensations through its 6 layers brimming with the best of artisan chocolates. Learn More
  8. Mélange de Chocolats


    In Stock

    Our elegant round mélange box tempts you into a delectable exploration of fine chocolate in its myriad of shapes, textures and flavours from couture ganaches to liquid salted caramels, truffles, filled thins and pearls. Chocolate may not make the world go around but our round melanges certainly make the journey more enjoyable. Learn More
  9. Chocolate Revelry


    In Stock

    Chocolate revelry, a box full of chocolate merriness to entertain or indulge. Learn More
  10. Petit mélange de Chocolats


    In Stock

    A capsule chocolate box inviting you to discover our savoir-faire from our couture fresh chocolates to our famous liquid salted caramels, shimmering pearls and our incredibly filled thins. Learn More
  11. Loving surprise


    In Stock

    There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. Under the lid or hidden in the drawer of our chocolate box lies the magic of fine cocoa and the magic you create with a piece of jewellery, an engagement ring or more chocolates. (Please note the jewellery featured is not included in the price). Learn More