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Alice in Chocolate Land

At Artisan du chocolat we like to think of ourselves as artists who use chocolate as delicious medium of expression. We are proudly engaged in supporting young British artists, especially the chocoholic ones. Alice Turner is a talented debutante who […]
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Be a Salted Caramel Goddess (or God)

Nigella Lawson's love of salted caramel is heady and passionate. We at Artisan du Chocolat have to take a small amount of responsibility and pride for introducing her and the rest of our customers to our salted caramels originally created […]

Revel in Our Milk Chocolate Revolution

The revolution for fine cocoa has spawned dark chocolate snobs whilst milk chocolate has taken a kneecapping at the hands of those who view it as an ersatz of real chocolate.

Out of This World Gingers

In spring 2009, one of our regular transatlantic customers bought an unusually large quantity of our chocolate coated candied gingers. We were asked to send a few kilograms for hush-hush lab tests. Not knowing what the purpose was but intrigued […]

Come to the Darkness

Chocolate is not called Food of the Gods mistakenly and is chemically speaking the (almost) perfect food. The dark stuff, used for centuries as an energy drink and even as currency, is surprisingly healthy considering the appalling reputation that chocolate […]