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It is heavenly!

come-to-the-darknessChocolate is not called Food of the Gods mistakenly and is chemically speaking the (almost) perfect food. The dark stuff, used for centuries as an energy drink and even as currency, is surprisingly healthy considering the appalling reputation that chocolate confections pumped with sugar and fat have tainted it with.

How healthy is dark chocolate?

A 45g bar of 70% artisan dark chocolate conched and refined in our atelier from fine aroma ground beans and cane sugar contains a whopping most wanted of goodness:

  • As many antioxidants as 3 glasses of red wine
  • More fibres than an orange
  • As much potassium as half a banana
  • As much copper as 50g of red meat
  • As much calcium as half a glass of milk.


These are good enough reasons to treat yourself to some of our divine dark chocolate bars.