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  • Don Juan (and Artisan du chocolat) in Soho

    Don Juan (and Artisan du chocolat) in Soho

    Another Tuesday night in wet and drizzly London but, as we approach  Wyndham theatre, hoards of people are gathered outside to glimpse the stars of the show of Don Juan in Soho: David Tennant and his guests. As we walk through the doors of the theatre and of anonymity, we are surrounded known faces from stage and screen perusing the programmes that include a  beautiful photo of our stunning pearls strung into a bracelet. 

    Sitting in the front row we wait with baited breath for the stars of the night to appear on stage whilst we have our own little bit of stage fright wondering if our Pyramides de Chocolats are being stored correctly and are still in one piece at the National Gallery ready for the after party celebration. All the apprehension quickly vanishes with the magical show and full-on belly laughs. I’m sure that counts as exercise (I hope so after all the taste panels we’ve been on this week). It is just the light-hearted evening we needed in amidst the mayhem of Easter production.

    The show ends with a standing ovation. The audience leaves and, like an escaped bag of mini eggs, flows down the road along to the National Gallery. decorated with our very own little billboard just like the ones outside the theatre where we share the space with the other sponsors for the evening: Fifty Pounds Gin, Fentiman’s and Nyetimber (some of the best of British brands altogether).

    The savoury canapés are served and we eagerly await the arrival of our Pyramides. And just on cue, as the actors arrive at the party, our pearls emerge from the kitchen doors. With a frantic scramble to grab some photos we just about manage to get a few shots of our chocolates being served before they disappear completely. They go down a storm and everyone is reaching out, arms stretched, to get some.

    We depart having had the words and full-mouthed nods of approval from the guests and cast alike and that is us done. Time to leave the world of the arts and return to our own little world of chocolate art back at the atelier! Don Juan in Soho is showing at the Wyndham Theatre until June 2017. Make sure to pick up a programme to see our little sweet addition to the artwork! 

    Have a giggling week

    Miss Anne x

  • My wish for Valentine

    My wish for Valentine

    The day before Valentine is usually one of our busiest days of the year and one with a higher than normal proportion of last minute male shoppers.  Buying a Valentine gift can be tricky. How early in a relationship do you start celebrating it? How much do you spend compared to your spouse? What do you get someone who already has it all? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Damned if you do forget the date at which all restaurants are full and can get away with serving average food and damned if you don't forget but get it wrong. Amidst what has become largely a commercial celebration to break the post-Christmas halt in spending, is there still place for love on Valentine's day? Love is not about buying trinkets. It is not infatuation driven by hormones. Nor is it a horse trading, a tit for tat exchange of emotions and goods. It is the blending of two souls in complete acceptance and understanding. Those lucky enough to experience that type of love are forever changed.  I was very lucky but cancer robbed us too fast. My sweet Valentine passed away 6 years ago. So on February 14th,  after weeks of making lovely chocolate hearts for others to celebrate with, I never wish for a sparkling present or a meal in a starred restaurant for myself. I have only one wish: time  -even one minute- to hug him once more. This week, try to remember the sweetness of being able to grow old with the person you love -even if he/she can mightily irritate you at times. Not all of us have this chance. And make a vow to celebrate the love you have every day, not just once a year. From a mighty present to a simple favour, an expression of love is only measured with the heart. Have a lovely week Miss Anne x

  • January reds

    January reds

    Monday blues? Not here. Monday kicked off for us in a rather dark shade of red. Monday kicked off in a dark shade of red at Boisdale of Belgravia decorated with an explosion of all things Scottish and tartan. It’s warm, homely and the perfect place to be on a very chilly winter’s evening with a glass of Port in one hand and artisan chocolates in the other. image4   My female co-host Carolyn off the evening with a full-bodied Port under the name of Noval Black, the latest launch from the renowned Port house Quinta do Noval. Its deep rich cherry colours and warmth paired with our dark Colombian ganache couture was a hit all round. We followed it with a traditional amber coloured  10 years old Tawny Port, its smell reminiscent of spices and coffee. Naturally,  it was paired with our coffee and star anise couture ganache and mingled into the perfect after dinner accompaniment. Next up was the Colheita,  an aged Tawny port but softer and far more floral, glistening against the white of the tablecloth with hues of pink married with a dark chocolate ganache infused with rose. Lastly, we tasted the richest and deepest port, the Unfiltered Reserve, which we paired with both the black cardamom ganache and the raspberry couture. The black cardamom gives an extra peppery punch to the already meaty port whilst the raspberry brings enlivened it. The room was split with in preference but united in enjoying this experience for the taste buds. image1 After much warmth and comfort, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the cold where the only things red were our noses and Valentine’s hearts that awaited at the atelier! Have a cosy week, Miss Anne xx