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  • La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

    La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

    Here, at Artisan du Chocolat, we are rather excited.  After years of research, a fourth unique category of chocolate with an exceptional red-pink colour and fruity taste has been created: ruby chocolate.  Less sweet than traditional milk chocolate with 8.5% less sugar, our ruby chocolate is a fine Belgian chocolate, extracted from the ruby cocoa bean.  Its unique components, naturally present in cocoa, combine to create a naturally delicate pink chocolate with a remarkable berry fruit aftertaste and a hint of cacao rawness.

    Our Retail Director, Danny Andrea, went along to the BBC to explain what Ruby chocolate is, and why it's so special. 

    Want to taste it for yourself?  Come along to our Concession in Selfridges where we are offering our customers the opportunity to create

  • Don Juan (and Artisan du chocolat) in Soho

    Don Juan (and Artisan du chocolat) in Soho

    Another Tuesday night in wet and drizzly London but, as we approach  Wyndham theatre, hoards of people are gathered outside to glimpse the stars of the show of Don Juan in Soho: David Tennant and his guests. As we walk through the doors of the theatre and of anonymity, we are surrounded known faces from stage and screen perusing the programmes that include a  beautiful photo of our stunning pearls strung into a bracelet. 

    Sitting in the front row we wait with baited breath for the stars of the night to appear on stage whilst we have our own little bit of stage fright wondering if our Pyramides de Chocolats are being stored correctly and are still in one piece at the National Gallery ready for the after party celebration. All the apprehension quickly vanishes with the magical show and full-on belly laughs. I’m sure that counts as exercise (I hope so after all the taste panels we’ve been on this week). It is just the light-hearted evening w

  • My wish for Valentine

    My wish for Valentine

    The day before Valentine is usually one of our busiest days of the year and one with a higher than normal proportion of last minute male shoppers.  Buying a Valentine gift can be tricky. How early in a relationship do you start celebrating it? How much do you spend compared to your spouse? What do you get someone who already has it all? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Damned if you do forget the date at which all restaurants are full and can get away with serving average food and damned if you don't forget but get it wrong. Amidst what has become largely a commercial celebration to break the post-Christmas halt in spending, is there still place for love on Valentine's day? Love is not about buying trinkets. It is not infatuation driven by hormones. Nor is it a horse trading, a tit for tat exchange of emotions and goods. It is the blending of two souls in complete acceptance and understanding. Those lucky enough to experience that type of love are forever change