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  • Good tempered chocolate

    Tempering chocolate is a basic skill to hone for professional and amateur chocolatiers alike. It consists of melting chocolate and cooling it quickly by moving it around on a cold marble till it reaches 28.5-30.5 degrees depending on the chocolate. Tempering is what gives chocolate its beautiful shine and snap. Master tempering and the chocolate world is your oyster from truffles to filled chocolates or coated fruit and nuts.

    In our atelier, we have tempering machines but w

  • Adventures in hot chocolate

    Like many I woke up 2 days ago to the first frost, wondering where car window scraper has been hiding since last winter – I am still looking!  But every icy cloud has a silver lining. First frost is the perfect excuse for indulging in some serious hot chocolate. When I say serious, I mean the sort that is so rich and so thick that it is almost a dessert in itself.

    There are a few secrets to making the best hot chocolate, starting with real chocolate flake, emulsifying the milk and chocolate and finally, the best kept secret, to let it rest for several hours and reheat. This last step will completely change the texture of the hot chocolate by allowing the chocolate to crystallise into a much thicker drink. Here is my recipe.

  • La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

    La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

    Here, at Artisan du Chocolat, we are rather excited.  After years of research, a fourth unique category of chocolate with an exceptional red-pink colour and fruity taste has been created: ruby chocolate.  Less sweet than traditional milk chocolate with 8.5% less sugar, our ruby chocolate is a fine Belgian chocolate, extracted from the ruby cocoa bean.  Its unique components, naturally present in cocoa, combine to create a naturally delicate pink chocolate with a remarkable berry fruit aftertaste and a hint of cacao rawness.

    Our Retail Director, Danny Andrea, went along to the BBC to explain what Ruby chocolate is, and why it's so special. 

    Want to taste it for yourself?  Come along to our Concession in Selfridges where we are offering our customers the opportunity to create