La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

La Vie En Rose - Announcing Our Ruby Chocolate!

Here, at Artisan du Chocolat, we are rather excited.  After years of research, a fourth unique category of chocolate with an exceptional red-pink colour and fruity taste has been created: ruby chocolate.  Less sweet than traditional milk chocolate with 8.5% less sugar, our ruby chocolate is a fine Belgian chocolate, extracted from the ruby cocoa bean.  Its unique components, naturally present in cocoa, combine to create a naturally delicate pink chocolate with a remarkable berry fruit aftertaste and a hint of cacao rawness.

Our Retail Director, Danny Andrea, went along to the BBC to explain what Ruby chocolate is, and why it's so special. 

Want to taste it for yourself?  Come along to our Concession in Selfridges where we are offering our customers the opportunity to create their own bespoke Ruby Chocolate bar - a personal and unique gift for any chocolate lover!  Watch how flowing pink chocolate is tempered and make your own exclusive 120g bar with a choice of topping.  

We look forward to seeing you there!