Buffalo Milk Bar


An alternative creamy bar made in Kent using award-winning English buffalo milk from Laverstoke Park Farm. Conched and refined in our atelier in Kent with fine ground cocoa beans and cane sugar.

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Buffalo milk, rich, luscious and beautifully smooth, moulds the most wonderful melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate. Any fan of Buffalo mozzarella will love this bar. We source our buffalo milk from Laverstoke Park Farm where a herd of approximately 2000 buffalo enjoy long, happy and stress free lives.

In many cases people with aversions to cow's milk can consume buffalo milk with no ill effect. However anyone wishing to use buffalo milk as a prophylactic should first seek medical advice.

More Information
Product Name Buffalo Milk Bar
No of pieces N/A
Dimensions cm (H) x cm (L) x cm (D)
Shelf Life 8 months
Ingredients Cane sugar, dried buffalo milk, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, soya lecithin.
Contains Soya. May contain traces of cow's milk and nuts.
Storage Instructions Stash away in a cool, dark place, away from prying fingers.

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