From 70% to 100%, chocolates to satisfy any dark chocolate lover.

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  1. N°1 Salted Caramels Original N°1 Salted Caramels Original

    Our original sea salted caramels invented in 2002 for Gordon Ramsay’s menu at Claridge's epitomise our signature chocolates. A sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate. The pure untreated grey salt, harvested by hand from clay marshes, holds a wealth of minerals and trace elements that enrich its taste. It is the balance of flavours - sweet, saline and mineral - and of textures - crunchy, liquid and velvety - that make these salted caramels our most famous creation and such a bestseller.

  2. 100% Chocolate Bar 100% Chocolate Bar

    A dark, unsweetened and absolutely palate-beguiling bar made from fine ground cocoa beans that were conched and refined at our atelier in Ashford. Our added processing tames and mellows the most pure unadulterated chocolate.

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    Sugar Free Dark Bar

    Conched and refined with maltitol, which has 50% less calories than sucrose, this intense and balanced chocolate bar delivers 100% pleasure for all dark chocolate lovers. We believe and abide by the rule that our sugar free chocolate, made with love in our atelier in Kent from ground fine Colombian beans, should taste as delicious as all our other chocolate bars – whatever they are sweetened with.

  4. Mole Chilli Dark Bar

    One of our most popular bars, our mole chili dark chocolate bar releases a complexity of flavours. This bar made by conching and refining South American ground cocoa beans with mole dances with the taste buds. It has depth, body and a mild pungency culminating in a pleasant heat. It is the balance in the multitude of ingredients in mole that gives this bar its richness and sophistication.

  5. Black Cardamom Dark Bar

    Infused with the Queen of spices, our dark chocolate cardamom bar oozes sensuality and opulence, its richness balanced by the freshness of the spicy pods.

  6. Tobacco Dark Bar

    Dark chocolate conched and refined at our atelier in Kent and expertly infused with tobacco leaves.

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    Dark Chocolate Orangettes Dark Chocolate Orangettes

    A classic combination of fine dark chocolate and soft candied orange peel perfected by our uncompromising choice of ingredients and enclosed in a gorgeous London inspired tin.

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    Dark Chocolate Gingers Dark Chocolate Gingers

    Dark chocolate coated ginger has become one of our cult products thanks to the quality and flavour of our ingredients. Australian ginger is less fiery and less fibrous than the widely used Chinese ginger. Smothered in two layers of Colombian dark chocolate, our gingers deliver an intense, yet delicate, balance of flavours.

  9. Single Origin Dark Drinking Chocolate Flakes Single Origin Dark Drinking Chocolate Flakes

    We conche, refine then flake our drinking chocolate in our Kentish atelier starting from fine ground cocoa beans of single origin and cane sugar. Packed in apothecary style jars with our secret recipe printed at the back, they pay tribute to the rich history of chocolate as a medicinal drink.

  10. Coated Sour Cherries Coated Sour Cherries

    Why do cherries go with chocolate? Is it the contrast between sweet and sour, soft and crisp, bittersweet and tangy? No one knows but they just do. So much so that January 3rd has been crowned National Chocolate Covered Cherries day in America. Our sour cherries are gently dipped in a coat of dark chocolate and can be relished all year long.

  11. Salted Caramel Dark Bar

    Dark chocolate conched and refined at our atelier in Kent with caramel and a hint of grey unrefined Noirmoutier Island’s salt.

  12. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscuits Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscuits

    A box of eight individually wrapped crumbly, toffee-sweet, slightly saline, milk or dark chocolate-rich biscuits. These mouth-watering biccies come with a serious warning risk of obsessive dunking.

  13. Dark Salted Caramel Honeycomb Dark Salted Caramel Honeycomb

    Judging by the plethora of names for this confection, honeycomb is a popular and traditional treat. We tweaked ours by adding a pinch of sea salt to balance sweetness and engulfed it in fine dark chocolate.

  14. Chilli Dark Chocolate (Vegetarian) Mallows Chilli Dark Chocolate (Vegetarian) Mallows

    Soft squidgy vanilla vegetarian mallow drenched in intense Colombian dark chocolate with a hint of chilli and dusted crumbled biscuits. Nothing artificial, no gelatin, just a lot of care, love and natural goodness have gone into making these moreish morsels.

  15. Red Wine Dark Bar

    A daring fusion of intense dark chocolate and full-bodied red wine. In our atelier in Kent, we conche and refine ground cocoa beans, sugar, whilst adding a good dose of merriness.

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    Ultimate Dark Chocolate Fudge Ultimate Dark Chocolate Fudge

    We never found a chocolate fudge that satisfied our serious chocolate addiction, so we made one instead using 100% Colombian cocoa beans. Our crumbly, melt in the mouth, ultimate dark chocolate fudge marries sweetness with an intense and lasting chocolate kick.

  17. Panela Dark Bar

    Panela is a Colombian raw sugar made naturally from dried cane juice using “trapiches” mills. Unlike sugar panela keeps its natural favour and nutrients including its vitamins and minerals. Conched and refined with fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans, it imparts waves of notes of honey, molasses and cinnamon woven with the chocolate.

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    Date Dark Bar

    Naturally sweetened and naturally delicious, this chocolate bar champions the magnificence of mother earth’s fruits and seeds: dates and fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans. The exotic dates perfectly round off this chocolate with their rich notes whilst adding wholesome sweetness.

  19. Beer Dark Bar

    Bittersweet at its best, this chocolate takes your palate on a journey from sweet Ecuadorian dark chocolate to very bitter beer notes. Conching and refining cocoa in our atelier, we continue to push the boundaries of British chocolate.

  20. Citrus Dark Bar

    A twist on the classical orange and chocolate combination, our bar brings the scent of natural grapefruit oil, dispersed amongst little cubes of candied Mediterranean orange peel smothered in intense Colombian dark chocolate.

  21. Cocoa Nibs Colombian Dark 70% Bar

    This 70% dark chocolate bar is made from a blend of lightly roasted ground Trinitario beans from the Colombian regions of Huila, Tumaco and Santander.  In this blend, the robustness of Santander beans is lifted by the floral notes from the Huila beans and the fruity notes from the Tumaco beans.  Added cocoa nibs give a crunchy texture to this smooth intense bar that will delight any dark chocolate lover.

  22. Baker Street W1 Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles Baker Street W1 Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles

    As a British brand who started in London in 1999 with our first stall at Borough Market and first restaurant customer- Gordon Ramsay – we wanted to celebrate London by featuring some if its most iconic roads and streets.

    Each of our Baker Street W1 boxes contains our intense dark chocolate salted caramel truffles – the epitome of our signature chocolate:  a sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate.  Intense, indulgent, Bohemian and slightly eccentric, we hope they would have been Sherlock Holmes favourite treat.

  23. Classical Truffles Classical Truffles

    This lava print box merging rivers of embossed gold and black epitomizes the luxury of our fine dark and milk chocolate truffles. The perfect box for dinner parties and gifts to be remembered.

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    Bunny Ears Fabric Bag with Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Mini Eggs

    Inspired by our original liquid salted caramel created for Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, these mini eggs with a smooth shell of fine dark chocolate, encase a sweet liquid caramel centre with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt.  The balance of flavours is sublime - sweet, saline and mineral, with crunchy, liquid and velvety textures. Pure bliss.

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    Pineapple Egg Pineapple Egg

    Feeling 80’s?  Then this stunning, ludicrously exuberant, gold pineapple egg with dark chocolate Pina Colada truffles is for you!

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    Dragon Egg Dragon Egg

    Dragon Egg

    Dragon Egg

    A fun, yet sophisticated dragon’s egg made from our finest milk chocolate, with dazzlingly and iridescent red scales.  Nestled inside you’ll discover rich Columbian dark chocolate and chilli mini-eggs.  Suitable for dragon tamers.

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    Dark Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 250g Dark Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 250g

    Native to Australia, the Major Mitchell's cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) is also known as Leadbeater's cockatoo or pink cockatoo.  With its soft-textured white and salmon-pink plumage and large, bright red and yellow crest, it is often described as the most beautiful of all cockatoos.  What better bird to adorn this exotic treasure chest, housing a decadent, hand-decorated, dark chocolate egg and selection of exquisite chocolates?  

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    Dark Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 410g Dark Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 410g

    The hoopoe is an exotic looking bird with a pinkish-brown body, striking black and white wings, a long black downcurved bill, and a long pinkish-brown crest.  Whilst sightings are rare, it is thought that up to 100 hoopoes visit the UK in the spring, as birds migrating north to Europe from Africa overshoot and land on the south coast of England.  What better bird to adorn this exotic springtime treasure chest, housing a decadent, hand-decorated, dark chocolate egg and selection of exquisite chocolates?

29 Items results

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