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Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Pistachios

  • 100g salted pistachios or peanuts
  • 200g milk chocolate
  • 50g cocoa powder
  1. Melt the chocolate over a bain marie or carefully on low heat in microwave making sure to stir every 20 seconds
  2. Put salted pistachios peas in large round bowl
  3. Find a cool area ideally with cold ventilation (like a fan). In the worst case, open your fridge door
  4. Drizzle a spoon of warm chocolate onto the nuts, distribute using wooden/spoon or spatula in circular motion
  5. Make sure the chocolate sets before adding the next layer and repeat
  6. You should be progressively coating the nuts with a layer of chocolate
  7. Some chocolate will invariably also coat the bowl but it should be minimal and the peas should not stick together
  8. If they do it is a sign you are adding the chocolate too fast or too cold (in this case put the melted chocolate back on bain marie or in microwave)
  9. Repeat the operation of drizzling, distributing and cooling until you reach the thickness you want or until all the chocolate has been used
  10. For the last layer, drizzle enough chocolate to coat all pistachios and add the cocoa powder before the chocolate is set
  11. Let the chocolate set and crystallise overnight before serving