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Theobroma Grandiflorum & Tonka Margarita

  • 20ml lime juice
  • tequila
  • 20 tonka beans
  • 15ml cupuacu pulp
  • 30ml water
  • 5g agave syrup
  1. Open the bottle of tequila and add the tonka beans roughly crushed
  2. Close and let the tonka beans infuse for a minimum of 1 week turning upside down from time to time
  3. The longer the tonka beans are inside the tequila, the stronger the taste
  4. Prepare the cupuacu juice by mixing the pulp, water and agave syrup in a food processor
  5. Cupuacy has very fleshy pulp so you really need a food processor or hand blender
  6. Put lime juice, tequila and cupuacu juice in a cocktail glass
  7. Add lots of ice., shake for 2 minutes and sieve once
  8. In a shallow saucer, prepare a mix of cocoa powder and salt
  9. Rub lime on the rim of a glass before dipping it into the powder and salt mix
  10. Tap down the excess and serve

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