Whole Fruit Dark Bar

Whole Fruit Dark Bar

Whole Fruit Dark Bar

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Citrus and tropical fruit Chocolate as nature intended using only cacao fruit and nothing else added: no refined sugars, no lecithin, no added flavour. This chocolate is made by upcycling instead of wasting the cacao fruit and improving farmers' quality of life through providing an additional stream of income. The cacao fruit from Dominican Republic and Ecuador impart to this chocolate an exceptionally fruity burst of citrus and tropical fruit notes. This chocolate is as close as you can get to the natural goodness of cacao and the exotic bounty of a cacao forest.
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Cocoa Mass, Sugar (from cacao pulp).

Contains: Not suitable for Milk, Nut and Wheat allergy sufferers and Coeliacs due to manufacturing methods.

Dimensions: 1cm (H) x 15.7cm (L) x 7.7cm (D)

Shelf Life: 6 months

Piece Count:

Weight: 45g

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