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Colombia Dark Bar


Dark chocolate made from a blend of lightly roasted ground Trinitario beans from the Colombian regions of Huila, Tumaco and Santander. In this blend the robustness of Santander beans is lifted by the floral notes from the Huila beans and the fruity notes from the Tumaco beans.

Colombia, unlike most South American countries, drinks most the cocoa it grows. Casa Luker has invested for over 100 years their passion and knowledge in growing the best Cacao Fino de Aroma sustainably to keep up with the insatiable local thirst for hot chocolat. At their research farm near Manizales, they explore the properties of each genotype of cocoa tree and provide farmers with a range of seedlings to optimize flavour, natural resistance to diseases and yield. They also teach how to plant a variety of crops from cocoa to plantain, exotic fruits and timber to ensure that farmers can live every year from their lands.

More Information
Product Name Colombia Dark Bar
No of pieces N/A
Dimensions cm (H) x cm (L) x cm (D)
Shelf Life 8 months
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin
Contains Soya. May contain traces of cow's milk and nuts. Min cocoa 70%.
Storage Instructions Stash in a dry, cool and secret place.