Give Pearls

Give Pearls

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  1. Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 200G Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 200G

    Emerald milk chocolate truffle filled with pistachio paste. 

  2. Assorted Pearls® 200G Assorted Pearls® 200G

    "Next to sound judgement, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world". Choosing our chocolate pearls as a gift or to treat oneself is a deft display of sound judgement. As beautiful as nature intended, our chocolate pearls encase smooth ganaches and rich nutty praline glazed with edible pearlescent gold, copper or silver dust. 

  3. Assorted Pearls® 500G Assorted Pearls® 500G

    A shimmering jewellery inspired hinged box revealing a precious assortment of silver white South Sea Pearls filled with the finest dark ganache, golden white South Sea Pearls filled with the finest milk ganache and dark silver Tahiti pearls with a smooth hazelnut praline worthy of Audrey Hepburn, the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany actress, who attributed her good looks to a life time of eating fine chocolate. 

  4. Assorted Pearls® 40G Assorted Pearls® 40G

    Bijou shimmering art deco inspired box of our chocolate pearls. Perfect for little attentions that mean a lot! 

  5. Favour Ballotin Favour Ballotin

    A classic bowed ballotin that can hold a few of most of our precious chocolates to grace and embellish dinner tables, wedding tables and bedside tables.

  6. Sparkling Assorted Pearls® 120G Sparkling Assorted Pearls® 120G

    More daring and dazzling than our classical pearls, these sparkly ones presented in a beautiful glittering black box take your taste buds on a night out through the pleasures of pecan salted caramels, the surprise of smoked salt almond praline and the exotic lovable Middle Easter promise of pine nuts and pomegranate. 

  7. Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G

    Our best selling pearls made with 100% pistachio paste encased in creamy milk chocolate are simply irresistible: rich, nutty, creamy with a hint of salt, they caress the taste buds like velvet.

  8. New
    Sparkling Love Sparkling Love

    A token of love comes in a box as love itself cannot be contained. And what a wondrous box this is, from its sparkling paper and art deco graphics to the surprise of its content: Tahiti pearl- dark chocolate oozing hazelnut praline; South Sea Silver pearl – a white chocolate pearl hiding a dark chocolate ganache; and pink – a milk chocolate pearl wrapping a rose pistachio praline.

8 Items results

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