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  1. Night In Toffee Milk Chocolate Popcorn Night In Toffee Milk Chocolate Popcorn

    A sweet and chocolaty twist on the classic popcorn snack, beautifully flavoursome and intensely moreish, wheeled in a quirky vintage pin-up cart packaging. Perfect to watch an old movie with whilst wrapped in PJs lying on the sofa.

    "Everything tastes better chocolate coated." Popcorn is nice. However caramelised popcorn, dressed with a thick skin of fine milk is rich and memorable like a classic film you never tire to enjoy.

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    36 Fresh Truffles 36 Fresh Truffles

    The perfectionist box of 36 perfectly formed fresh classical truffles. Under their thin dusting of cocoa powder, icing sugar and shimmering sparkles, lies a crisp coating of chocolate encasing yet more chocolate whipped with cream in a intense melt-in-the-mouth mousse. Pure cacao, pure pleasure.

  3. 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars

    From the outside, no one would suspect that the chocolate shell on these bars are revealing a secret, from a mellow caramel ganache to popping candy. Take a bite and allow the explosion of taste and textures to delight you, from popping to velvety, from intensely chocolatey to tender caramel notes.

  4. 3 x Chocolate Bombes 3 x Chocolate Bombes

    Choose three of our wonderful bombe chocolates and save £4. From soft squidgy strawberry vegetarian mallow drenched in white chocolate to UFOs shaped milk chocolates studded with space dust giving you an extra (terrestrial) surprise. 

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    3 x Vegan Truffles Boxes 3 x Vegan Truffles Boxes

    3 x Vegan Truffles Boxes

    Special Price £28.00 Regular Price £29.97
    3 x Vegan Truffles Boxes
    Special Price £28.00 Regular Price £29.97

    Using a mix of rice m*lk, soya milk, shea and coconut butter and without any palm oil, our vegan truffles took two years to perfect. These make a fantastic luscious treat for those with a sweet tooth on a plant-based diet.

    So very good, we bet you that omnivores won’t be able to tell the difference!

  6. Dainty Gold Chocolate Hamper Dainty Gold Chocolate Hamper

    All that glitters is not gold, but could entitle you to a dainty and perfectly curated assortment of fine chocolates. Our glistening hamper finished hides treasures of indulgence worthy of wooing Portia of Belmont including our famous liquid salted caramels, chocolate biscuits, a tin of fruit or nuts coated, a bar of chocolate conched and refined in Kent and our jewel pearls. 

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    Dashing Gold Hamper Dashing Gold Hamper

    Our dashing gold hamper unashamedly boasts its greatness in and out. Its good looks are more than matched by its delicious content from sparkling wine truffles to salted caramels, bars conched and refined in our atelier, drinking chocolate flakes for the best hot chocolate and our jewel sparking pearls.

7 Items results

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