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  1. Crescent Assortment Box Crescent Assortment Box

    For timeless elegance, nothing beats our new crescent moon eid box. Each box is delicately filled with a selection of ganache chocolates, pearls and fruit & nuts. Understated and strikingly beautiful boxes that have their place in the most stylish interiors.

  2. New
    Great Gatsby Chocolate Hamper

    Our Great Gatsby inspired chocolate hamper lays out a formidable chocolate extravaganza, a feast for the eyes and the taste buds of all things fine chocolate in a handsome striped hat box, proving that there is no such concept as too much of a good thing when it comes to fine chocolates

  3. Dainty Gold Hamper Dainty Gold Hamper

    All that glitters is not gold, but could entitle you to a dainty and perfectly curated assortment of fine chocolates. Our glistening hamper finished hides treasures of indulgence worthy of wooing Portia of Belmont including our famous liquid salted caramels, chocolate biscuits, a tin of fruit or nuts coated, a bar of chocolate conched and refined in Kent and our jewel pearls. 

  4. Dashing Gold Hamper Dashing Gold Hamper

    Our dashing gold hamper unashamedly boasts its greatness in and out. Its good looks are more than matched by its delicious content from sparkling wine truffles to salted caramels, bars conched and refined in our atelier, drinking chocolate flakes for the best hot chocolate and our jewel sparking pearls.

4 Items results

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