Whatever the occasion to rejoice is, our chocolates are created to celebrate sweetly.

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  1. Chapel Down Truffles Chapel Down Truffles

    These lush truffles with a vinous addition from Chapel Down Reserve Brut, an award-winning Kentish sparkling wine, exude the passion of two artisans who, in their respective trades, are dedicated to creating outstanding English produce and annoy the French too. 

  2. Pyramide de Chocolats - 3 tiers Pyramide de Chocolats - 3 tiers

    Majestic and magical pyramid shaped box adorned with gold and brown intricate patterns revealing 3 tiers of our equally majestic couture chocolates, pearls, truffles and salted caramels. Open, sit the box on its lid to create a stunning centerpiece and watch the contents disappear.

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    36 Fresh Truffles 36 Fresh Truffles

    The perfectionist box of 36 perfectly formed fresh classical truffles. Under their thin dusting of cocoa powder, icing sugar and shimmering sparkles, lies a crisp coating of chocolate encasing yet more chocolate whipped with cream in a intense melt-in-the-mouth mousse. Pure cacao, pure pleasure.

  4. Assorted Pearls® 500G Assorted Pearls® 500G

    A shimmering jewellery inspired hinged box revealing a precious assortment of silver white South Sea Pearls filled with the finest dark ganache, golden white South Sea Pearls filled with the finest milk ganache and dark silver Tahiti pearls with a smooth hazelnut praline worthy of Audrey Hepburn, the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany actress, who attributed her good looks to a life time of eating fine chocolate. 

  5. Black and Gold Couture Ecrin 24 Black and Gold Couture Ecrin 24

    One of our most popular chocolate boxes containing 24 different fresh chocolates (about half of our complete couture range). This gold hinged box edged in black sets a dramatic and opulent backdrop to the real stars: the chocolates themselves, each of them with a distillation of flavour, a miniature explosion of taste, a work of chocolate art. 

  6. Black and Gold Couture Ecrin 48 Black and Gold Couture Ecrin 48

    A statement for dinner parties (although you may want to skip dinner and go straight for the chocolates), our ecrin hinged and edged in gold holds one or two of each of our fresh couture chocolates. Make sure you pick your favourites before the rest get devoured.

  7. Great Gold Hamper Great Gold Hamper

    Our Art Deco inspired chocolate hamper lays out a formidable chocolate extravaganza, a feast for the eyes and the taste buds of all things fine chocolate, proving that there is no such concept as too much of a good thing when it comes to fine chocolates. 

  8. Presentoir Presentoir



    Grace your guests or host with chocolates served in 3 Michelin starred restaurants and watch them swoon over our mouthwatering two-tiered art deco inspired presentoir of fine chocolates. Or keep this marvelous center piece to yourself and have an indulgent and Gatsbyesque night in!

  9. Balloon Egg - Milk Balloon Egg - Milk

    Our passion fruit white chocolate and milk chocolate marbled balloons with sweet lace edible strings and milk chocolate malted balls will mark any birthday or anniversary with the sweetest touch.

  10. Chapel Down Rosé & Strawberry Truffles Chapel Down Rosé & Strawberry Truffles

    Everything is more fabulous in pink. Our pink shimmering Chapel Down Rosé Brut and strawberry truffles ooze delicious frivolity with a dash of English eccentricity. Despite the serious craftsmanship that has been poured into these, they are best consumed nonchalantly. 

  11. Royal Pearls Bonbonnière Royal Pearls Bonbonnière

    Pearls and pearl ornaments have arguably been the single most popular item of jewellery among members of the royal families of Europe from the middle ages to modern times.  What better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding this summer, than with a beautiful bonbonnière filled with shimmering Ivory Pearls with a white chocolate shell, encasing a delicate lemon and elderflower ganache, mirroring the bright spring flavours of the Royal wedding cake. 

  12. Crescent Assortment Box Crescent Assortment Box

    For timeless elegance, nothing beats our new crescent moon eid box. Each box is delicately filled with a selection of ganache chocolates, pearls and fruit & nuts. Understated and strikingly beautiful boxes that have their place in the most stylish interiors.

  13. Dainty Gold Hamper Dainty Gold Hamper

    All that glitters is not gold, but could entitle you to a dainty and perfectly curated assortment of fine chocolates. Our glistening hamper finished hides treasures of indulgence worthy of wooing Portia of Belmont including our famous liquid salted caramels, chocolate biscuits, a tin of fruit or nuts coated, a bar of chocolate conched and refined in Kent and our jewel pearls. 

13 Items results

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