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  1. Milk Salted Caramel Honeycomb Milk Salted Caramel Honeycomb

    Judging by the plethora of names for this confection, honeycomb is a popular and traditional treat. We tweaked ours by adding a pinch of sea salt to balance sweetness and engulfing it in fine milk chocolate.

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    Dark Chocolate Orangettes Dark Chocolate Orangettes

    A classic combination of fine dark chocolate and soft candied orange peel perfected by our uncompromising choice of ingredients and enclosed in a gorgeous London inspired tin.

  3. Voyage de Chocolats - Short Haul Voyage de Chocolats - Short Haul

    Our cocoa monogrammed trunk invites you to travel the cacao route in style and to discover along the way 4 layers of our shimmering pearls, beloved salted caramels, signature Os, classical truffles, coated fruits and nuts and exotically scented ganaches. 

  4. Mélange de Chocolats Mélange de Chocolats

    Our elegant round mélange box tempts you into a delectable exploration of fine chocolate in its myriad of shapes, textures and flavours from couture ganaches to liquid salted caramels, truffles, filled thins and pearls. Chocolate may not make the world go around but our round melanges certainly make the journey more enjoyable. 

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    Salted Caramel Fudge

    Sweet, caramel crumbliness with a hint of sea salt, this chunky tablet of fudge inspired by our famous sea salted caramel truffles is perfect for breaking and sharing or stashing for personal indulgence.

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    Personalised Bar - 120g Personalised Bar - 120g

    Why send a gift card, when you can write your message in chocolate?!  The perfect personalised gift solution for a milk chocolate lover.

    How to write your personalised message:

    1. Lift the lid and retrieve the transfer paper from under the chocolate.
    2. Place the transfer paper on the top of the chocolate with the red sticker facing up.
    3. Using a ball point pen, write your message onto the edible transfer paper.
    4. Lift the paper and discard.  Your message will now be transferred on the chocolate.
    5. Place the lid back to close the pack and delight your loved one!
  7. Infinity Assorted Salted Caramel Towers 210G Infinity Assorted Salted Caramel Towers 210G

    Open the lid and swivel the layers to delve into 40 salted caramel truffles - simply heaven. To share or not to share? That is the question. 

  8. NEW Ruby Chocolate Jewels NEW Ruby Chocolate Jewels

    Our Ruby Chocolate Jewels, made with milk chocolate that is naturally pink through a selection of the beans, are launching in our boutiques. Have you tried Ruby yet? Creamy with slightly sour, red fruit like notes, its a milk chocolate like no other.

  9. Crescent Assortment Box Crescent Assortment Box

    For timeless elegance, nothing beats our new crescent moon eid box. Each box is delicately filled with a selection of ganache chocolates, pearls and fruit & nuts. Understated and strikingly beautiful boxes that have their place in the most stylish interiors.

  10. Dainty Gold Hamper Dainty Gold Hamper

    All that glitters is not gold, but could entitle you to a dainty and perfectly curated assortment of fine chocolates. Our glistening hamper finished hides treasures of indulgence worthy of wooing Portia of Belmont including our famous liquid salted caramels, chocolate biscuits, a tin of fruit or nuts coated, a bar of chocolate conched and refined in Kent and our jewel pearls. 

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    Infinity Assorted Salted Caramel Towers 415g Infinity Assorted Salted Caramel Towers 415g

    Open the lid and swivel the layers to delve into 4 layers of salted caramel truffles - 80 in total! To share or not to share? That is the question.

  12. Sparkling Assorted Pearls® 120G Sparkling Assorted Pearls® 120G

    More daring and dazzling than our classical pearls, these sparkly ones presented in a beautiful glittering black box take your taste buds on a night out through the pleasures of pecan salted caramels, the surprise of smoked salt almond praline and the exotic lovable Middle Easter promise of pine nuts and pomegranate. 

12 Items results

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