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Flat Brew

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  1. Flat Brew Caramel Macchiato 285g Flat Brew Caramel Macchiato 285g

    "Wake up and spread the coffee" just got a whole lot sweeter with our new caramel macchiato spread.   Quite simply, Flat Brew Caramel Macchiato is a study in balance.  On one hand you have gently refined, dark-roasted Arabica coffee beans with cocoa butter, sugar, cream, and butter; and on the other, a ribbon of our signature caramel, featuring a pinch of Noirmoutier Island grey salt.  The combination is everything you would expect in a perfectly prepared caramel macchiato.  Certainly, you didn't think that we would stop at Espresso, did you? 

  2. Flat Brew Decaf Espresso 285g Flat Brew Decaf Espresso 285g

    Flat Brew® Decaf Espresso Spread lacks for nothing, except caffeine: same rich aroma, same bold flavour, and the same indulgent spread. Flat by name, but not by nature. Flat Brew® Decaf Espresso spread gently refines dark-roasted decaffeinated Arabica coffee beans with cocoa butter, sugar, cream, and butter to tenderly deliver all of the taste of a perfect espresso without the bounce of our original Flat Brew® Espresso spread. Whenever you need full Espresso flavour without the full espresso kick, Flat Brew® Decaf Espresso has got you covered.

  3. NEW Ruby Chocolate Jewels NEW Ruby Chocolate Jewels

    Our Ruby Chocolate Jewels, made with milk chocolate that is naturally pink through a selection of the beans, are launching in our boutiques. Have you tried Ruby yet? Creamy with slightly sour, red fruit like notes, its a milk chocolate like no other.

  4. New
    Flat Brew Coffee Spread 285g Flat Brew Coffee Spread 285g

    The world’s first espresso spread made with dark roast espresso coffee beans, cocoa butter, cream and sugar: a new way for coffee lovers to have their espresso and eat it. Transforming coffee beans into a luscious spread without adulterating their pure and simple taste, is neither easy nor for the faint of heart. For years we tried, got lost, tried again before settling upon the winning blend of Arabica coffee, cocoa butter, sweetness and cream, mixed to perfection in Flat Brew.

4 Items results

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