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Milk Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 250g


Native to Australia, the Major Mitchell's cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) is also known as Leadbeater's cockatoo or pink cockatoo.  With its soft-textured white and salmon-pink plumage and large, bright red and yellow crest, it is often described as the most beautiful of all cockatoos.  What better bird to adorn this exotic treasure chest, housing a decadent, hand-decorated, fine milk chocolate egg and selection of exquisite chocolates?  

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Reminiscent of a treasure trove on an exotic island, this fine milk chocolate egg, lovingly hand-decorated with luxurious shimmering gold and silver, is presented in an Aztec-inspired, geometric patterned chest, decorated with palm fringes and pink cockatoos.  Hidden in the chest’s drawer are an assortment of chocolates, including our artistically created fresh coutures, assorted mini eggs and a shimmering pearl.  

More Information
Product Name Milk Chocolate Geometric Chest Egg 250g
No of pieces N/A
Dimensions 12.5cm (H) x 15.7cm (L) x 11.5cm (D)
Unpacked Weight 250g
Shelf Life 3 months
Storage Instructions Store in a dry cool place.