Tonka Milk Bar

Tonka Milk Bar

Tonka Milk Bar

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Tonka beans are seeds of a large tree grown in the tropical regions of South America, particularly Mexico. Often used as a substitute to vanilla, these beans have a powerful smell of freshly cut hay, vanilla and bitter almonds. To capture their hypnotic fragrance, we crush the Tonka beans and let them infuse for several days in a tank of molten milk chocolate. The result is a dynamic bar where the milk chocolate awakens and dances between comforting sweetness and powerful perfume. One of our all-time favourites.

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Contains: Coumarin, cow's milk and soya. May contain traces of nuts and wheat. Min cocoa 40%. milk 26%.

Dimensions: 1cm (H) x 15.7cm (L) x 7.7cm (D)

Shelf Life: 8 months

Piece Count: N/A

Weight: 45g

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