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Tonka Milk Bar


Milk chocolate bar conched and refined at our atelier in Kent infused with crushed Tonka nibs.

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Tonka beans are seeds of a large tree grown in the tropical regions of South America, particularly Mexico. Often used as a substitute to vanilla, these beans have a powerful smell of freshly cut hay, vanilla and bitter almonds. To capture their hypnotic fragrance, we crush the Tonka beans and let them infuse for several days in a tank of molten milk chocolate. The result is a dynamic bar where the milk chocolate awakens and dances between comforting sweetness and powerful perfume. One of our all-time favourites.

More Information
Product Name Tonka Milk Bar
No of pieces N/A
Dimensions 1cm (H) x 15.7cm (L) x 7.7cm (D)
Unpacked Weight 45g
Shelf Life 8 months
Ingredients Cane sugar, dried whole milk, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, Tonka beans, soya lecithin.
Contains Coumarin, cow's milk and soya. May contain traces of nuts and wheat. Min cocoa 40%. milk 26%.
Storage Instructions Stash in a dry, cool and secret place.

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