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No1 Original Salted Caramels


Our original sea salted caramels invented in 2002 for Gordon Ramsay’s menu at Claridge's epitomise our signature chocolates. Now with a limited edition Valentine's sleeve containing sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate. The pure untreated grey salt, harvested by hand from clay marshes, holds a wealth of minerals and trace elements that enrich its taste. It is the balance of flavours - sweet, saline and mineral - and of textures - crunchy, liquid and velvety - that make these salted caramels our most famous creation and such a bestseller.

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Product Name No1 Original Salted Caramels
Shelf Life 9 months
Ingredients Dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin), caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, cream, butterfat, sea salt), cocoa powder. Dark chocolate min 70% cocoa.
Unpacked Weight 130g
Dimensions 7.5cm (H) x 9cm (L) x 9cm (D)
No of pieces Approx 25
Storage Instructions Store in a dry cool place.