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Chocolate Offers

Take a look below for some fantastic offers to take advantage of. Fill up your basket!

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  1. 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars

    From the outside, no one would suspect that the chocolate shell on these bars are revealing a secret, from a mellow caramel ganache to popping candy. Take a bite and allow the explosion of taste and textures to delight you, from popping to velvety, from intensely chocolatey to tender caramel notes.

  2. 2 x Salted Caramel Pots 2 x Salted Caramel Pots

    Our salted caramels are all lip-smacking delicious from the original ones to the balsamico, passion fruit, smoked salt or spiced figs. But we have a soft spot for our latest creation: salted caramel is blended with umami salt.

    Select any two pots for £25 in this chocolate week special.

  3. 5 x Chocolate Bars (+1 Free) 5 x Chocolate Bars (+1 Free)

    These bars not only deliver its goodness to your taste buds, but also to the farmers who have grown its cocoa in a fair and supportive relationship in a sustainable multi-crops agroforestry system.

    Buy 5 bars and get a 6th completely free.

  4. 3 x Chocolate Bombes 3 x Chocolate Bombes

    Choose three of our wonderful bombe chocolates and save £4. From soft squidgy strawberry vegetarian mallow drenched in white chocolate to UFOs shaped milk chocolates studded with space dust giving you an extra (terrestrial) surprise. 

  5. 3 x Beankind Dark Chocolate Truffle Boxes 3 x Beankind Dark Chocolate Truffle Boxes

    The most classical of all truffles, our humble yet indulgent dark chocolate truffle required many experiments to make sure you can’t tell it is plant-based. Replacing cream with soya milk and butter with a mix of shea and coconut oil allowed us to achieve just that, a fantastic tasting dark truffle. Palm oil free because we believe that plant-based should be kinder.

    Price is for 3 boxes.

5 Items results

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