The anticipation of  discovering a new chocolate every day of December is what makes Christmas longed for. Yet, many advent calendars may have pretty windows but behind them the chocolate is pretty disappointing, tasting between sweet cardboard and chalk. Because some (not all) chocolate makers still believe that advent calendars are for kids and that kids don't taste the difference between fine and not so fine chocolate.

We disagree on both counts. Firstly what grown up would not wish to brighten their December days with good chocolate to take off some of the stress of combining work and Christmas shopping and taking the kids to the ice rink and parties and writing those cards and and and... The build up to Christmas requires stamina, which chocolate gives you plenty of.  Secondly kids do taste the difference between good and bad chocolate from a young age if given the chance to taste.

Personally i would rather be given an advent calendar of nail polishes, gin or beauty potions than one of bad chocolate.
So At artisan we just create every year an attractive advent calendar full of the finest chocolate we can craft. Whether they will be devoured by a child or a child at heart makes no difference because we believe that advent calendars are for taste buds. We are delighted that our advent moose calendar was chosen by the Independent as best for taste and variety and  are already dreaming ideas  for the advent of 2016.

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