Be like the oyster

Be like the oyster
Artisan du Chocolat is delighted to celebrate London Fashion week showcasing established designers as well as this year’s emerging talents bringing their own sense of style to the catwalks. Yet through the years, one adornment has never left the world of fashion: pearls.

From ancient Greece to Royalty, from the jazz age of the 1920s to Coco Chanel, from breakfast at Tiffany’s to Simone Rocha’s signature collection, the natural shimmering beauty of pearls have earned them the status of timelessness even in the world of fast-paced fashion.

It is the same fascinating beauty of pearls from South Sea to Tahiti that inspired us to create our shimmering chocolate pearls filled with intense ganache’s and nutty pralines.

Almost too pretty to eat, displayed in gorgeous bows, daintily packed in small boxes or delightfully represented as edible necklaces, our chocolate pearls catch the attention of both foodies and fashionistas.

Yet for us, the most interesting aspect of pearls is overlooked. Pearls are made by marine oysters (and freshwater mussels) as a natural defence against an irritant as small as a grain of sand. From this disharmony within the shell, a natural wonder is created with time, layer by layer.

So, when you find an irritant in your life, let our pearls remind you to be more like the oyster.

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