As September sneaked in at the back of an intermittent summer, the best way to describe its impact on me is to picture coyote chasing roadrunner running off a cliff and suddenly aware of the precipice under its paws. That is to me what September is about and despite how many times i ask myself how it could have come around so far, it is here. The only bad thing about reality is that it is real - our Christmas collection shots are later already! 

Armed with mock ups and enough chocolates for a regiment, i made my way to a swanky Chelsea hotel, feeling a little conspicuous for not renting a room. Instead our small team of a photographer, a make up and hair artists, 2 models and myself took over  their ballroom and garden rooms. As the models got ready with hair and make up, i laid out all the chocolates, boxes, hampers, tins, fans, the whole festive collection, the result of months of work, in front of me. To the few passers-by, i wondered if it looked like i had eaten the equivalent of the model in chocolate.  Soon enough the desire to be model thin vanished as three helpers were enrolled to slide the beautiful Julien Macdonald's  gowns onto the models who could move as much as  if restrained by straightjackets and  could barely breathe for the next 7 hours.

As night fell on Cadogan square gardens, we were still posing, moving, shooting and rearranging but a certain merriment  had descended on us. The sparkling lights, the grandeur of the decor, the amazing dresses all contributed to this pre-Christmas happiness although i believe that the chocolates -which we ate purely to kept us going of course-  were mostly responsible for our cheery mood. I hope in time - only 15 weeks - they will bring the same joy to you.   Have a happy  chocolatey week,

Miss Anne x    

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