How do you make a fantastic film even more fantastic? Just add gourmet popcorn. Films and popcorn go together like strawberries and cream, tea and scones or Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This prompted me to collaborate with Future Cinema and their current showing of Casablanca at the Troxy. Future Cinema’s founder Fabien Riggall described the idea as "creating an immersive experience in which the audience becomes part of the narrative". 
I took a night off bunnies and eggs and immersed myself. After having been instructed to apply for a visa, I was given a false identity and the details of a rendez-vous point. Ushered to Rick's bar I gathered around Sam's glamorous piano before exploring the wonders of this metamorphosed listed building: orchestra, secret bars, Moro's café and last but not least Artisan fine chocolates.  Our fresh mint Os, infused with garden mint not the vile toothpaste like mint essence commonly used - and chocolate covered popcorn enhanced the glamorous Moroccan theme and the astonishing venue.
 Surprisingly popcorn dates all the way back to 4700BC even before writing was invented – puzzling thought as I am writing this munching on our rocky road version with caramelised hazelnuts. Popcorn didn't achieve its favourite snack status until the birth of cinema. Since then the sweet or salty dilemma has divided cinema-goers. In fact 'Sweet or Salty?' is listed as one of the top 10 blind date questions.  My chocolate popcorn recipe to solve this question follows: caramelise the popcorn, sprinkle some sea salt and smother in fine chocolate. A special date with my sofa and a soppy chick-flick never goes without my favourite: our chocolate and popping candy covered salted caramel popcorn- a mouthful indeed.
Have a chocolate-poppingly-good  week and don't forget Mother's Day!
Miss Anne x

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