In The Pink: Why Ruby Chocolate Is The Next Big Thing In Cocoa

In The Pink: Why Ruby Chocolate Is The Next Big Thing In Cocoa
Pink in colour and fruity in taste, ruby chocolate is the up-and-coming trend on cocoa aficionados’ lips. We reveal more about the new kid on the choc 

Dubbed “the fourth chocolate type”, ruby chocolate is an exciting new addition to the traditional spectrum of dark, milk and white chocolate varieties. Though the pink-hued confection was first introduced in 2017 in Shanghai, ruby chocolate is still something of a “rising bar” here in the UK. 

Much like the modern-day adoption of rosé wine – previously disparaged by wine connoisseurs in favour of traditional reds and whites  – ruby chocolate, as an entirely new breed with a unique flavour profile, could spark a rose-tinted revolution within the world of cocoa. After all, just like other chocolate types, ruby chocolate can be used to flavour everything from baked goods and beverages to ice cream, desserts and beyond, meaning there is a world of scope for never-before-tasted innovation. 
Ruby chocolate takes its name from its distinctive and delicate pink hue, which occurs naturally as a result of the selection of beans. Sourced from such regions as Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast, ruby cocoa beans are not a new strain – in fact, they are simply regular cocoa beans that feature a certain complex of compounds that gives the chocolate its signature colour and flavour after being processed.
With a deliciously creamy texture and a composition similar to milk chocolate, albeit less sweet, ruby chocolate’s mouthwatering flavour is tempered by a subtle sourness and a hint of cocoa rawness. An intriguingly fruity after-taste, reminiscent of red berries, lingers on the palate after every bite.

At Artisan du Chocolat, our chocolate experts pride themselves on their keen ability to spot emerging ingredient trends (not to mention setting them) before they hit the mainstream. Ruby chocolate is no exception. Chocolate connoisseurs can discover a taste of novelty in our Ruby Chocolate Bars [link], or indulge in our precious Ruby Chocolate Jewels [link], which take the form of precious filled truffles – both varieties are sure to leave you tickled pink. Our Ultimate Milk Chocolate Collection Box also features ruby chocolate mini-bars. 

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