Peter Carl Faberge crafted the most famous jewelled eggs, called Imperial Fabergé eggs, for the Russian Tsars as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers. The House of Fabergé made about 50 eggs and 43 have survived, leaving a tradition of transforming humble egg shapes into art. A lucky scrap metal dealer who recently bought an ornament from a bric-a-brac market to be melted down for its gold  googled the name etched on it and discovered it was a £20 million Fabergé egg created for Tsar Alexander III in 1887.
Easter for Artisan is a time to be creative, bold and to continue the art of embellishing the simple egg shape into a object of beauty, desire and indulgence. Every year, much like fashion designers, we dream of a theme that will guide the creative brief of our Easter Collection, sometimes to the annoyance of our customers who want  the same egg as the one they enjoyed the year before. Not going to happen! As days get longer, spring starts to sing, we revel in the luxury of creating products that we love and we pray you love them too.
Our most artistic pieces in this year Exotic Collection include cocktail eggspineapple eggs , playful versions of traditional chocolate egg and my favourite made to order tropical egg chocolate bouquet - a chocolate piece of Easter art, made entirely of chocolate from the golden egg vase to the leaves, bambo and petals.
Have an exotic, artistic, inspiring and indulgent Easter. I for one will be sleeping after many late nights filled with eggs! Miss Anne xxx

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