Imagine you went into space and were allowed one food on board to self-indulge. What would you choose?

In spring 2009, one of our regular transatlantic customers bought an unusually large quantity of our chocolate coated candied gingers. We were asked to send a few kilograms for hush-hush lab tests. Not knowing what the purpose was but intrigued we obliged. A couple of months later, our female astronaut customer confirmed that our gingers were all clear to accompany her during her upcoming mission in space (a woman will take chocolate anywhere). Our candied gingers are sourced in Australia where ginger is harvested younger, which makes it softer, tenderer and less fibrous than ginger cultivated in China. It is candied and covered with a thin layer of icing instead of crystallised sugar and smothered in intense dark Colombian chocolate, not just once but twice. As food apparently tastes milder in zero gravity, she complimented that our chocolate covered candied gingers hit the right note in and out of this world. Try for yourself.