Our Velvet Collection of fine milk chocolate bars take the biscuit

The revolution for fine cocoa has spawned dark chocolate snobs whilst milk chocolate has taken a kneecapping at the hands of those who view it as an ersatz of real chocolate. We believe that artisan milk chocolate can be pretty darn good and made it our mission to create exceptional velvety milk chocolate bars that surprise and delight your taste buds without overloading them with sugar.
Unlike most chocolatiers, we make our own milk chocolate instead of buying industrial couverture catering to the family end of the milk chocolate market. Conching and refining in house with different milks, sugars and caramelisation processes opens the realm of promises for luxurious fine milk chocolates. So far we have created three very different fine milk chocolate bars: salted caramel, crème brûlée and confiture de lait. We are now concocting a malted milk chocolate conched and refined with dried malt. Vive le milk chocolate.