Twice a year, the much awaited London Fashion week gives me the chance to ditch my blue overalls, hairnet and safety shoes to buy a dress (I am strictly an online shopping girl) and attend Julien Macdonald's couture show which always promises to be full of theatre, glamour and selfies (not mine, my arms are too short- at least that is my excuse to save the world from plastering my face all over it). This year did not disappoint as the paparazzi flashed at the well-heeled, the young and famous and the outrageous seeking fame by flashing even more. I am blessed with a complete ignorance of who is who as we served our pyramids of chocolate pearls before the show.   For me,  this show is a lot less about who is wearing what and more about the artistry and craftsmanship that go into making those dresses. Having visited Julien's atelier, a stone throw from our boutique in Notting Hill, the unsung heroes today are the seamstresses who have the incredible patience to embellish the garments and make them drip glamour. You will not see them on the catwalk, they will not get their pictures taken, nor air-kiss celebrities. But some of them have more talent in their fingers than those present here.

What I love the most about Julien is not his dresses (granted I am about the size of about 2 models and my breasts need an armour not to go their own way so I won't be wearing his couture dresses any day soon), it is the fact that after the show, when the theatre is over, he gets into a car (ok it was a rented Rolls Royce) and goes for a meal with his mum and sisters. That to me is soul, not just sequins. And it is not the last collaboration between Artisan and Julien... so watch this space.  Have a sparkly week, Miss Anne