The genius of salted caramels

The genius of salted caramels
In 2002 at the request of Gordon Ramsay for Claridge’s new restaurant, we created the first one-of-a-kind salted caramels in the UK, which heralded an explosion of all things salted caramel from ice cream to desserts and even drinks. Little did we know at the time of putting our first display of our salty liquid caramels in our Chelsea boutique that they would be such a success and inspiration to others.
At the time, salted butter was added to caramels in Brittany following the ingredients of Kouign-Amann, a rich salted butter and caramel cake. But for us, the balance of sweet and salty was still off, the sweetness of the caramel overwhelming the chocolate. So, we went bold and added unrefined salt to our caramel cooking. And the rest is history.

Fast forward to the present day, and the legacy of our salted caramels endures. Our original recipe has been perfected with our experiments with different salts and cacao beans. It stands as a testament to the power of innovation and the pursuit of culinary excellence, whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift
The question we are always asked is “What is the next salted caramel phenomenon? What is the formula for a chocolate loved by everyone?”
Our short answer is we don’t know (and if we did, we probably would not tell). Creative breakthroughs are elusive, difficult to explain and impossible to predict. In antiquity, people believed that artists and creators had a genius, a mythical creature living in the walls of their atelier and partially responsible for their successes or failures.

And whilst it may be a stretch to imagine mythical chocolate covered creatures living in the fabric of our atelier, we’d like to think that our inspiration comes from somewhere a little magical. And that little dust of magic, that elusive genius that showed up for our salted caramels, is what makes us, 20 years on, endlessly excited for new creations.

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