It might still be perishing cold and occasionally sugar-dusted with snow outside but the clock-turning and flower-popping spring is around the corner. On cue chocolate lambs gambolling on edible grass and cheerful ducks queuing up with their tummies filled with chocolate-coated honeycomb have invaded Artisan atelier and stores. 

Easter is without a shadow of a doubt the collection that I most enjoy designing, producing and helping…consume. Although challenging at times (why on earth did I choose edible lace to adorn our eggs?), I find the creative process fun and soul fulfilling. A perfect Easter collection, I reckon, has to captivate all eyes, taste buds and imagination. And our Easter Character collection passes the test with flying colours in my humble and not at all biased opinion! 

As a child, I often wished for a unique Easter egg, made just for me. This longing inspired our Character eggs, filled with chocolate coated salted caramel popcorn. Each egg is an expression of the creativity of the two very competent chocolate fairies (Elena and Kasia) who have spent days decorating and moulding these. No two are alike. Try and match them to the personality of their recipient, unless of course that is your mother-in-law. For those moody husbands, teenagers and children, we have devised emoticon eggs: 6 hen size eggs, 6 moods (One mood for every day if you are lucky or, as it is in my household, a whole rainbow of 6 moods  from happy to grumpy, cheeky, cranky, dreamy and silly all in one day!   

To impress the mother- in -law or anyone in- law, fill your basket with our beautifully fragile and oh-so-painful-to-make golden lace egg moulded in Colombian dark chocolate or our new crème brulee milk chocolate with assorted ganache and praline mini eggs. A safe and delicious bet that you cannot lose is to opt for our sculptural salted caramel egg: shells of lavish milk and dark salted caramel chocolate conched and refined by yours truly (and her team of oompa loompas) filled with liquid salted caramel mini eggs.    
After all that planning, you deserve to sit down and enjoy some me-time munching on our selection of crème de la crème eggs (yes.These are like posh cream eggs, but with less sugar, more cocoa and more flavour), nougatine mallow eggs or assorted mini eggs.
My special treat to myself this year will be our ultimate Egg and Soldiers egg. It is big, bold, beautiful and decadent. This means I can get away with having friends over on Easter Sunday and feeding them a salad to keep space for the piece de resistance. With its dark chocolate bottom shell filled with liquid salted caramel sauce and its milk chocolate top shell hiding mallows, biscuits, mini bars and flavoured chocolate sticks, who needs a roast when you can have a chocolate salted caramel dipping adventure instead?
Have a hoppy week!
Miss Anne xxx

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