The sweetness of patience

The sweetness of patience
For many the anticipation of Christmas starts as early as the end of summer holidays. Counting down the weeks and then days to the big day, we wait patiently dreaming of this celebration. As December starts, our excitement is akin to having almost arrived at our destination: days are shorter and colder, lights twinkle making Christmas in the air. Yet with many more days to go, we are reminded of this unnamed quote: “patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude whilst waiting”.

Our Luxurious Chocolate Advent Calendars are not only a tradition but a sure way to uplift us whilst waiting. A piece of delicious chocolate brightens the mood and each day.

At Artisan we take our advent calendars very seriously as few other chocolate formats bring pleasure for days on end. We hand pack our advents with the same luxury pieces as our selection boxes, taking care to provide a wide assortment for a plethora of moments of pleasure.

This year we have created 2 advent calendars: our classical round advent (now plastic free) with 24 chocolate drawers and a hidden sharing box of truffles for Christmas day and our new light-up wooden advent, a keepsake advent with refills planned from Christmas 2024.

Light up your mood this December with a morsel of serotonin inducing deliciousness, bringing sweetness to patience.

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