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From smooth pralines to crunchy rochers, we are batty about nuts and chocolate.

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  1. Peanot Buttercups Peanot Buttercups

    Encased in a silky smooth milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt, our peaNOT buttercups are so yummy you can almost hear your taste buds sing love me tender. So don't be cruel and share them around.

  2. 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars

    From the outside, no one would suspect that the chocolate shell on these bars are revealing a secret, from a mellow caramel ganache to popping candy. Take a bite and allow the explosion of taste and textures to delight you, from popping to velvety, from intensely chocolatey to tender caramel notes.

  3. 3 x Fruit & Nut Tins 3 x Fruit & Nut Tins

    Try our delicious fruit & nut tins, smothered in delicious colombian chocolate.

  4. 5 x Chocolate Bars (+1 Free) 5 x Chocolate Bars (+1 Free)

    These bars not only deliver its goodness to your taste buds, but also to the farmers who have grown its cocoa in a fair and supportive relationship in a sustainable multi-crops agroforestry system.

    Buy 5 bars and get a 6th completely free.

  5. Rochers Milk Box Rochers Milk Box

    Intense crunchy milk chocolate encasing soft hazelnut praline rolled in cocoa and hazelnut nibs. Little rocks of nutty ecstasy.

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    Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G

    Our best selling pearls made with 100% pistachio paste encased in creamy milk chocolate are simply irresistible: rich, nutty, creamy with a hint of salt, they caress the taste buds like velvet.

6 Items results

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