From smooth pralines to crunchy rochers, we are batty about nuts and chocolate.

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    Almond Milk Bar
    Almond Milk Bar

    A milk chocolate almond bar with a creamy mouth feel made with almond milk rather than cow's milk and redolent of almond paste and full of flavor.

  2. Praline Almonds Praline Almonds
    Praline Almonds

    These may not have been hand coated by Juliette Binoche, but we hope our praline almonds sprinkle a little bit of chocolate magic for those who nibble on them. We roast our sun soaked almonds, smother them in hazelnut praline and cover them in Colombian dark chocolate with a fine dusting of cocoa powder.

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    Coated Macadamia Nuts and Coconut Coated Macadamia Nuts and Coconut
    Coated Macadamia Nuts and Coconut

    Kick off your shoes and switch to Hawaiian time to savour these nutritious roasted nuts covered in our sumptuous milk chocolate and laced with exotic toasted coconut.

  4. Milk Chocolate Salted Pistachios Milk Chocolate Salted Pistachios
    Milk Chocolate Salted Pistachios

    According to Moslem legend, the pistachio nut was one of the foods brought to earth by Adam. Yet Adam would have certainly impressed Eve more had he brought her our finest Turkish pistachios, slightly salted and generously coated in silky milk chocolate presented in a colourful tin inspired by the diversity of London.

  5. Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 200G Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 200G

    "Next to sound judgement, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world". Choosing our chocolate pearls as a gift or to treat oneself is a deft display of sound judgement. As beautiful as nature intended, our emerald milk chocolate truffle filled with pistachio paste. 

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    Chocolate coated dates stuffed with roasted almonds Chocolate coated dates stuffed with roasted almonds

    Our finest dates, carefully selected for succulent taste and incredible softness stuffed with roasted almonds and coated creamy milk chocolate or intense Colombian dark chocolate for a totally indulgent and natural treat.

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    Peanot Buttercups Peanot Buttercups

    Encased in a silky smooth milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt, our peaNOT buttercups are so yummy you can almost hear your taste buds sing love me tender. So don't be cruel and share them around.

  8. Caramel and Hazelnuts Milk Bar
    Caramel and Hazelnuts Milk Bar

    Crunchy caramel nibs and scrumptious lightly caramelised hazelnut nibs deserve the best milk chocolate, a milk chocolate from Colombia made with non-deodorised cocoa butter, which preserves all its flavour and lingering floral notes. 

  9. Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts
    Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts

    Brazil nuts generously covered in milk chocolate with a light dusting of cocoa powder.

  10. Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G Emerald Pistachio Pearls® 120G

    Our best selling pearls made with 100% pistachio paste encased in creamy milk chocolate are simply irresistible: rich, nutty, creamy with a hint of salt, they caress the taste buds like velvet.

10 Items results

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