Conched and refined in our atelier, our chocolate bars featuring chocoholics' faces are as unique and varied as those eating them.

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  1. El Rosario Estate - First Necocli Harvest El Rosario Estate - First Necocli Harvest

    True sustainability requires a holistic approach that gives rural communities a chance to live with decent standards and opportunities from growing cacao. It requires bringing hope to future generations of farmers who leave the land they love for cities in search of better living conditions. From the creation of employment, to agricultural education, empowerment of  women in cacao,  training in entrepreneurship and contribution to infrastructure, all of these amazing initiatives makes this bar amongst the most sustainable fine flavour chocolates in the world. That is the chocolate dream.

    Find out more about the chocolate dream here.

  2. Ruby Chocolate Bars Ruby Chocolate Bars

    Our Ruby Chocolate bars, made with milk chocolate that is naturally pink through a selection of the beans, are launching in our boutiques. Have you tried Ruby yet? Creamy with slightly sour, red fruit like notes, its a milk chocolate like no other.

  3. 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars 4 x Filled Chocolate Bars

    From the outside, no one would suspect that the chocolate shell on these bars are revealing a secret, from a mellow caramel ganache to popping candy. Take a bite and allow the explosion of taste and textures to delight you, from popping to velvety, from intensely chocolatey to tender caramel notes.

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    Tonka Milk Bar

    Milk chocolate bar conched and refined at our atelier in Kent infused with crushed Tonka nibs.

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    Goat milk chocolate bar

    To salute the Chinese year of the goat, an animal symbolic of peace, kindness and prosperity, our latest milk chocolate bar is born, joining our buffalo milk and almond milk ones. We conche and refined raw cane sugar with dried goat's milk, cocoa butter and cocoa beans in our atelier in Kent, lacing each batch with a generous dose of care and love. The result comes as an exceptionally smooth and creamy bar with buttery and nutty notes.

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