Conched and refined in our atelier, our chocolate bars featuring chocoholics' faces are as unique and varied as those eating them.

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  1. NEW Ruby Chocolate Bars NEW Ruby Chocolate Bars

    Our Ruby Chocolate bars, made with milk chocolate that is naturally pink through a selection of the beans, are launching in our boutiques. Have you tried Ruby yet? Creamy with slightly sour, red fruit like notes, its a milk chocolate like no other.

  2. Popcorn Blonde Dulce de Leche Bar Popcorn Blonde Dulce de Leche Bar

    This chocolate with dulce de leche and caramel notes is more fun: studded with nibs of sweet and salty popcorn it's the perfect accompaniment to a good film or a good book.  Sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy a blonde moment.

  3. Salted Honeycomb Milk Bar

    Honeycomb, Scottish pudd candy, Canadian sponge candy, American sea foam or fairy food candy, British cinder toffee or Irish bonfire toffee, we love it so much that we smothered bits of it in a creamy milk chocolate bar balanced by a hint of sea salt. 

  4. Cocoa Nibs Colombian Dark 70% Bar

    This 70% dark chocolate bar is made from a blend of lightly roasted ground Trinitario beans from the Colombian regions of Huila, Tumaco and Santander.  In this blend, the robustness of Santander beans is lifted by the floral notes from the Huila beans and the fruity notes from the Tumaco beans.  Added cocoa nibs give a crunchy texture to this smooth intense bar that will delight any dark chocolate lover.

  5. Citrus Dark Bar

    A twist on the classical orange and chocolate combination, our bar brings the scent of natural grapefruit oil, dispersed amongst little cubes of candied Mediterranean orange peel smothered in intense Colombian dark chocolate.

  6. Caramel and Hazelnuts Milk Bar

    Crunchy caramel nibs and scrumptious lightly caramelised hazelnut nibs deserve the best milk chocolate, a milk chocolate from Colombia made with non-deodorised cocoa butter, which preserves all its flavour and lingering floral notes. 

  7. 100% Chocolate Bar 100% Chocolate Bar

    A dark, unsweetened and absolutely palate-beguiling bar made from fine ground cocoa beans that were conched and refined at our atelier in Ashford. Our added processing tames and mellows the most pure unadulterated chocolate.

  8. Salted Caramel Dark Bar

    Dark chocolate conched and refined at our atelier in Kent with caramel and a hint of grey unrefined Noirmoutier Island’s salt.

  9. Mole Chilli Dark Bar

    One of our most popular bars, our mole chili dark chocolate bar releases a complexity of flavours. This bar made by conching and refining South American ground cocoa beans with mole dances with the taste buds. It has depth, body and a mild pungency culminating in a pleasant heat. It is the balance in the multitude of ingredients in mole that gives this bar its richness and sophistication.

  10. Pure Coffee Espresso Bar

    Had this bar been create by Magritte, the famous Belgian surrealist painter, it would have said “this is not chocolate”. Indeed there are no cocoa beans in this bar, only cocoa butter, coffee and sugar. Pure, intense, this is a bar all coffee lovers will adore.

  11. Orchid & Orange Blossom Dark Bar

    A dark chocolate bar Vogue has described as Heaven on earth, created especially for the Chelsea Flower Show Gala 2010.

  12. Tonka Milk Bar

    Milk chocolate bar conched and refined at our atelier in Kent infused with crushed Tonka nibs.

  13. Latte Bar Latte Bar

    A comforting morning coffee milk chocolate bar conched and refined at our atelier in Kent, each square releasing a little taste of la dolce vita.

  14. Ginger & Lemongrass Milk Bar Ginger & Lemongrass Milk Bar

    A balanced milk chocolate bar infused with hot ginger and cool lemongrass. Conched and refined at our production in Kent.

  15. Beer Dark Bar

    Bittersweet at its best, this chocolate takes your palate on a journey from sweet Ecuadorian dark chocolate to very bitter beer notes. Conching and refining cocoa in our atelier, we continue to push the boundaries of British chocolate.

  16. Date Milk Bar

    Naturally sweetened and naturally delicious, this chocolate bar champions the magnificence of mother earth’s fruits and seeds: dates and fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans. Its balance of sweet, creamy and chocolatey is rounded off by rich notes of wholesome dates, the legendary exotic fruits of the Garden of Paradise.

  17. Sugar Free Salted Caramel Milk Bar

    Our sugar free salted caramel bar is not only free of added sucrose, it is also free of added caramel flavour. Its caramel notes and sweetness, enhanced by a hint of sea salt, are created by caramelising dried milk and adding maltitol which has 50% less calories than sucrose.

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    Personalised Bar - 120g Personalised Bar - 120g

    Why send a gift card, when you can write your message in chocolate?!  The perfect personalised gift solution for a milk chocolate lover.

    How to write your personalised message:

    1. Lift the lid and retrieve the transfer paper from under the chocolate.
    2. Place the transfer paper on the top of the chocolate with the red sticker facing up.
    3. Using a ball point pen, write your message onto the edible transfer paper.
    4. Lift the paper and discard.  Your message will now be transferred on the chocolate.
    5. Place the lid back to close the pack and delight your loved one!
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    Love Chocolate Card Love Chocolate Card

    Love is all you need… but chocolate makes it sweeter! Everything is better with chocolate, especially gift cards. This special edition bar delivers an exquisite blend of tastes to delight the palate with creamy single-origin Ecuadorian milk chocolate sprinkled with almonds, raspberries, cranberries and delicate rose petals and topped off with two salted caramel chocolate hearts. 

  20. Panela Dark Bar

    Panela is a Colombian raw sugar made naturally from dried cane juice using “trapiches” mills. Unlike sugar panela keeps its natural favour and nutrients including its vitamins and minerals. Conched and refined with fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans, it imparts waves of notes of honey, molasses and cinnamon woven with the chocolate.

  21. Mascarpone White Chocolate Bar Mascarpone White Chocolate Bar

    White chocolate is often regarded as the black sheep of the chocolate family, an overly sweet confection for children. So we revelled in creating a fine white chocolate bar enriched with mascarpone and laced with Italian flair.

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    Daily Dose Mini Bars Daily Dose Mini Bars

    Perfectly proportioned for little cravings or favours, our box of 2 mini bars will neatly fit in handbags, jacket pockets like a trusted friend ready to pick you up when needed.

  23. Sugar Free Milk Bar

    Conched and refined with maltitol, which has 50% less calories than sucrose, this creamy milk chocolate bar delivers 100% pleasure for all chocolate lovers. We believe and abide by the rule that our sugar free chocolate, made with love in our atelier in Kent from ground fine Colombian beans, should taste as delicious as all our other chocolate bars – whatever they are sweetened with.

  24. Arauca Dark Bar

    This bright dark chocolate packed in a gold sleeve in homage to Bogota's Museo Del Oro commences with modest hints of chestnut and honey before showing off bursts of red fruit notes. The citric fireworks vanish and leave in the mouth a rounded taste of chocolate that is harmoniously intense and delicate.

  25. Red Wine Dark Bar

    A daring fusion of intense dark chocolate and full-bodied red wine. In our atelier in Kent, we conche and refine ground cocoa beans, sugar, whilst adding a good dose of merriness.

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    Crème Brûlée Milk Bar

    Join the revolution for fine milk chocolate. 

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    Goat milk chocolate bar

    To salute the Chinese year of the goat, an animal symbolic of peace, kindness and prosperity, our latest milk chocolate bar is born, joining our buffalo milk and almond milk ones. We conche and refined raw cane sugar with dried goat's milk, cocoa butter and cocoa beans in our atelier in Kent, lacing each batch with a generous dose of care and love. The result comes as an exceptionally smooth and creamy bar with buttery and nutty notes.

  28. Tobacco Dark Bar

    Dark chocolate conched and refined at our atelier in Kent and expertly infused with tobacco leaves.

  29. Salted Caramel Milk Bar

    Milk chocolate conched and refined at our atelier in Kent with caramel and a hint of unrefined Noirmoutier island's salt.

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    Date Dark Bar

    Naturally sweetened and naturally delicious, this chocolate bar champions the magnificence of mother earth’s fruits and seeds: dates and fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans. The exotic dates perfectly round off this chocolate with their rich notes whilst adding wholesome sweetness.

  31. Almond Milk Bar

    A chocolate bar with a creamy mouth feel made with almond milk rather than cow's milk and redolent of almond paste.

  32. Black Cardamom Dark Bar

    Infused with the Queen of spices, our dark chocolate cardamom bar oozes sensuality and opulence, its richness balanced by the freshness of the spicy pods.

  33. New
    Gingerbread Cookies White Bar Gingerbread Cookies White Bar

    A white chocolate bar conched and refined at our atelier in Kent and mixed with fragrant gingerbread cookies. Crunchy, sweet and spicy, a model for sugar, spice and all things nice.

  34. New
    Matcha Green Tea White Bar

    A creamy and sweet white chocolate bar conched and refined with bitter Japanese Matcha green tea.

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