Best of the nest: Presenting our Eggcentric Easter creations

From mould-breaking inventions to the hoppy return of past favourites, discover everything you need to know about our eggsquisite seasonal chocolates


It’s almost Easter! Colour us eggcited. Of course, here at Artisan du Chocolat, we like to do things a little differently. From rare single-plantation sourcing to hidden truffle fillings, eggceptional layered confections to surprisingly adventurous flavours, this is not Easter chocolate as you know it. While Easter plans may look a little different for most this year, we can still help you to have an eggceptional celebration with inspired ideas from our Easter Egg Collection.



Could this be our most eggciting Easter creation ever? Fresh out the coop is our Thunder Egg, offering something delightfully different to a standard chocolate shell. Inspired by layered metamorphic rocks formed over millions of years, this hand-made egg is a true game-changer. Crafted with a layer of salted caramel between two-layered chocolate shells, one milk, the other dark, filled eggs also feature in mould-breaking flavours such as maple caramel and almond butter.

“Inspiration came from thinking how we could take a simple shell to the next level of innovation, which brought the idea of layers – and from that, the legend of the Thunder Egg,” says Anne Weyns, our Chief Chocolate Adventurer. “It is made by creating an inner shell and two outer half-shells. Ganache is layered into the outer shells by hand, before pushing the inner egg in.”

As with any new creation, there were challenges involved. Our team went through a painstaking process of trial and error to produce clean edges where the two half-shells meet, which resulted in the egg being enrobed. “Making a Thunder Egg is a very manual process, requiring dedication and skill,” says Anne. “Most people don’t challenge the idea that Easter shells could be reinvented.” 

Just like that, a chocolate revolution was born (well, hatched). Will Easter eggs ever be the same again? Anne doesn’t think so. “It’s not solid chocolate – it eats more like a filled bonbon,” she says. “Far more indulgent!”



Containing a wide range of cracking treats that guarantee a real (hen) party, our Eggnormous Hamper comes in a beautiful hand-made paper egg. Naturally, chocolate eggs take centre stage, with three varieties to choose from – Milk Praline Mini Eggs, a single-origin Tumaco egg and a clutch of Pheasant Eggs. There’s further indulgence to be found in a tropical bar, macadamia nuts, hot chocolate and a bottle of decadent salted caramel sauce for drizzling. The hardest thing will be deciding what to savour first.


Once you unearth a Carton egg from its artfully decorated, sustainably-made bag and packaging to crack open its rich chocolate shell, you’ll discover a stash of hidden artisan truffles. New for 2021, our Blonde Caramelised White Egg takes white chocolate to the next level with a newfound caramel richness, complete with creamy coconut truffles.  Alternatively, you can enjoy a taste of the exotic with the Single Origin Milk Chocolate Columbian Egg or Single Origin 85% Dark Chocolate Tumaco Egg.


An eggcentric take on typical breakfast varieties, our Wild Eggs feature a clutch of four delectable filled shells themed on different birds. Our Hen Eggs are anything but ordinary, revealing milk and dark ganache layers under caramelised blonde shells, while Duck Eggs come in pretty speckled blue shells with layers of ganache and liquid salted caramel. For something really adventurous, consider the Crème de la Crème Pheasant Eggs, featuring a combination of ganaches infused with passion fruit and tonka.

The perfect thing for happy bunnies, our Mini Eggs come in a choice of delicious flavours. Open the rabbit “ears” to reveal a bag of small, perfectly formed chocolate eggs with sumptuous fillings. Highlights include Milk Chocolate Praline, Maple Syrup Salted Caramel or the delightfully unconventional Dark Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Salted Caramel.


Discover more details about all these products, as well as eggstra Easter gift ideas, here.