Be a love outlaw

Be a love outlaw
Love in all its forms has inspired human beings since the beginning of time. Virtually every song, every book, every poem, every film, every good story told has a tale of love woven in it. Like air, feelings of love sustain us on the journey of life.

However, we often find expressing these feelings incredibly difficult. What should we say? Will it be misinterpreted? How should we say it? What if it isn’t appreciated? Is it too much or too little? The more we feel, the trickier it seems to condense our emotions into words or actions.

Valentine’s day is a day where we give ourselves the permission to be expressive. It is a sad state of the world if we are to contain our feelings for 364 days of the year and express them on the one day when it is expected. Love does not follow rules or calendars as Bizet best sang in Carmen “Love is a gypsy child, it has never, never known a law”. 

So be a love outlaw this year. Celebrate Valentine’s day every day, not once a year. Burst into spontaneous gestures of attention and affection. Tell those you love how much they mean to you at every sunrise. Reach out to those you have lost contact with. 

And if you feel lost for words, we will take care of saying it with our Valentine's Day Chocolates for you – any day of the year.

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