Flawsome Easter

Flawsome Easter
Our Easter Collection is inspired by Japanese Kintsugi, the 500-year-old tradition of joining gold cherished pieces of pottery. More than just an art with pleasing aesthetics, Kintsugi illustrates a way of living that embraces individuality, flaws and change.

As no two human beings are the same, so are our eggs - each egg is painted or layered by hand. In a world dominated by mass production, a meticulously made egg from the selection of the single origin cacao beans to the balance of texture and flavour notes is a celebration of craftsmanship and transformation. The uniqueness in taste and look of our eggs is matched by the luxurious reveal box nesting them around filled miniature eggs.

We hope that our eggs help you celebrate a “flawsome” Easter with the awesome, wonderful idiosyncrasies, flaws and imperfections that make you who you are. May our eggs remind you that should you ever feel like you are breaking apart, you can always put yourself back together stronger and more beautiful than before.

And if chocolate cannot make that journey for you, it can certainly make it sweeter and more delicious.

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