Chocolate Symphony

Chocolate Symphony
Not all cocoa beans are created equal. That’s why we only use Fino de Aroma beans at Artisan du chocolat. Fino de Aroma is an appellation created by the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) to distinguish cocoa beans with exceptional, fine, and complex flavour profiles. Cocoa beans of this variety are typically grown in Latin American countries. Only 8% of all cocoa is considered fine flavour, of which 76% is produced in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. These beans are known for their lower bitterness and a wide range of flavour notes. They range from fruity and flowery to nutty and malty or even earthy.

Musically speaking, whereas commodity cocoa is a flat note, Fino de Aroma cacao brings a symphony of flavour notes.

As artisans, we like to think of each piece of chocolate is like a piece of art in its own right. We can pull on the different flavour notes just like musicians pull on different instruments by selecting the right Fino de Aroma beans. And we put our heart and soul into the hope that you will love the sweet music created.

Chief Chocolate Adventurer

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