Monday blues? Not here. Monday kicked off for us in a rather dark shade of red. Monday kicked off in a dark shade of red at Boisdale of Belgravia decorated with an explosion of all things Scottish and tartan. It’s warm, homely and the perfect place to be on a very chilly winter’s evening with a glass of Port in one hand and artisan chocolates in the other. 

My female co-host Carolyn off the evening with a full-bodied Port under the name of Noval Black, the latest launch from the renowned Port house Quinta do Noval. Its deep rich cherry colours and warmth paired with our dark Colombian ganache couture was a hit all round. We followed it with a traditional amber coloured  10 years old Tawny Port, its smell reminiscent of spices and coffee. Naturally,  it was paired with our coffee and star anise couture ganache and mingled into the perfect after dinner accompaniment. Next up was the Colheita, an aged Tawny port but softer and far more floral, glistening against the white of the tablecloth with hues of pink married with a dark chocolate ganache infused with rose. Lastly, we tasted the richest and deepest port, the Unfiltered Reserve, which we paired with both the black cardamom ganache and the raspberry couture. The black cardamom gives an extra peppery punch to the already meaty port whilst the raspberry brings enlivened it. The room was split with in preference but united in enjoying this experience for the taste buds.

After much warmth and comfort, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the cold where the only things red were our noses and Valentine's hearts that awaited at the atelier!

Have a cosy week, Miss Anne xx    

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