For some it is a summer of love, for others a summer of R&R, my summer is strictly of chocolate. Heaven some may think but less so when it is spent planning for Autumn, Winter, Easter, Spring and next Summer. All seasons roll into one from ordering Christmas packaging 2014 to finalising Easter eggs and creating Summer 2015 chocolates. Sometime i need to consult the calendar on the side of my desk to remind myself of the day, month and year i am actually living in.
Still i would not change any of it. First Chief Chocolate Adventurer has a ring to it. And second because i enjoy it, not all of it but most of it and that is a blessing. Finally because there is so much to look for in the rest of 2014 and 2015 from the opening of our first store in Saudi Arabia, to our mini bean to bar venture with the Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa company or my secret project of healthy happy chocolate. I could tell you more but i would have to silence you (with chocolate?)  till our research is done and patent filed.
And in between all the planning, i reserve some time to treat myself: a fruit salad with some fresh mint Os in the side, fresh yogurt with liquid salted caramel ripples. I dont have much time to shop, neither do i like it. So all last minute gatherings and dinner parties i get invited to (hint anyone?) are happily supplied with is creams, little favours of our floral dragees or gorgeous bowls of summer pearls. Days out in the country side are furnished with chocolate bars hidden in my bag for energy and indulgence. My summer favourites include Lumi (Iranian sun dried lime infused milk chocolate, ginger and lemongrass or orchid and orange blossom). Domestic goddess i am not (i barely remember to get food for the cat and no house plant has survived more than a month) not but my chocolate skills more than make up for it. Indeed to those who know me well, I am simply known as Chocolate Anne.