Say hello to our ‘Vegan Friendly range’, in store now, displaying our vibrant green ‘Vegan Friendly’ stickers. Our Vegan Friendly range are free from any ingredient derived directly or indirectly from an animal. Any butter mentioned in the ingredients of our Vegan Friendly range will be cocoa butter, the naturally derived vegetable fat of the cocoa beans!

Vegan Friendly Luxury Chocolate Range

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    Dark Salted Caramel Honeycomb Dark Salted Caramel Honeycomb
    Dark Salted Caramel Honeycomb

    Judging by the plethora of names for this confection, honeycomb is a popular and traditional treat. We tweaked ours by adding a pinch of sea salt to balance sweetness and engulfed it in fine dark chocolate.

  2. 3 x Beankind Dark Chocolate Truffle Boxes 3 x Beankind Dark Chocolate Truffle Boxes

    The most classical of all truffles, our humble yet indulgent dark chocolate truffle required many experiments to make sure you can’t tell it is plant-based. Replacing cream with soya milk and butter with a mix of shea and coconut oil allowed us to achieve just that, a fantastic tasting dark truffle. Palm oil free because we believe that plant-based should be kinder.

    Price is for 3 boxes.

  3. Colombian Dark Hot Chocolate Colombian Dark Hot Chocolate
    Colombian Dark Hot Chocolate

    Flakes of intense Colombian 70% dark chocolate, an exceptional fine flavour cacao from Palenque in Cartagena. It effortlessly transforms in a decadently rich, thick, unctuous hot chocolate that may just keep you going for the day. Each tin contains 8 very generous servings of bliss.

  4. Vegan Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles Vegan Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles

    A tangy and intensely dark chocolate truffle made with real raspberry puree and without cream or butter.

    So very good, we bet you that omnivores won’t be able to tell the difference!

  5. Dark Chocolate Gingers Dark Chocolate Gingers

    Dark chocolate coated ginger has become one of our cult products thanks to the quality and flavour of our ingredients. Smothered in two layers of Colombian dark chocolate, our gingers deliver an intense, yet delicate, balance of flavours.

  6. 100% Chocolate Bar 100% Chocolate Bar

    A dark, unsweetened and absolutely palate-beguiling bar made from fine ground cocoa beans that were conched and refined at our atelier in Ashford. Our added processing tames and mellows the most pure unadulterated chocolate.

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    Almond Milk Bar

    A milk chocolate almond bar with a creamy mouth feel made with almond milk rather than cow's milk and redolent of almond paste and full of flavor.

  8. No Added Sugar Dark Bar

    Conched and refined with maltitol, which has 50% less calories than sucrose, this intense and balanced chocolate bar delivers 100% pleasure for all dark chocolate lovers. We believe and abide by the rule that our sugar free chocolate, made with love in our atelier in Kent from ground fine Colombian beans, should taste as delicious as all our other chocolate bars – whatever they are sweetened with.

  9. Mole Chilli Dark Bar

    One of our most popular bars, our mole chili dark chocolate bar releases a complexity of flavours. This bar made by conching and refining South American ground cocoa beans with mole dances with the taste buds. It has depth, body and a mild pungency culminating in a pleasant heat. It is the balance in the multitude of ingredients in mole that gives this bar its richness and sophistication.

  10. Black Cardamom Dark Bar

    Infused with the Queen of spices, our dark chocolate cardamom bar oozes sensuality and opulence, its richness balanced by the freshness of the spicy pods.

  11. Panela Dark Bar

    Panela is a Colombian raw sugar made naturally from dried cane juice using “trapiches” mills. Unlike sugar panela keeps its natural favour and nutrients including its vitamins and minerals. Conched and refined with fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans, it imparts waves of notes of honey, molasses and cinnamon woven with the chocolate.

  12. Citrus Dark Bar

    A twist on the classical orange and chocolate combination, our bar brings the scent of natural grapefruit oil, dispersed amongst little cubes of candied Mediterranean orange peel smothered in intense Colombian dark chocolate.

  13. Cocoa Nibs Colombian Dark 70% Bar

    This 70% dark chocolate bar is made from a blend of lightly roasted ground Trinitario beans from the Colombian regions of Huila, Tumaco and Santander.  In this blend, the robustness of Santander beans is lifted by the floral notes from the Huila beans and the fruity notes from the Tumaco beans.  Added cocoa nibs give a crunchy texture to this smooth intense bar that will delight any dark chocolate lover.

  14. Tumaco 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

    Our Colombian bar made from Trinitario beans, 100% Fino Di Aroma grown in the region of Tumaco, has an exquisite character with pronounced cocoa aroma, a soft bitter flavour and a subtle sweetness combined with floral and red fruit notes. A darker shade of chocolate for those who like chocolate intense and full-bodied.

  15. El Rosario Estate - First Necocli Harvest El Rosario Estate - First Necocli Harvest

    True sustainability requires a holistic approach that gives rural communities a chance to live with decent standards and opportunities from growing cacao. It requires bringing hope to future generations of farmers who leave the land they love for cities in search of better living conditions. From the creation of employment, to agricultural education, empowerment of  women in cacao,  training in entrepreneurship and contribution to infrastructure, all of these amazing initiatives makes this bar amongst the most sustainable fine flavour chocolates in the world. That is the chocolate dream.

    Find out more about the chocolate dream here.

  16. Whole Fruit Dark Bar

    Citrus and tropical fruit Chocolate as nature intended using only cacao fruit and nothing else added: no refined sugars, no lecithin, no added flavour. This chocolate is made by upcycling instead of wasting the cacao fruit and improving farmers' quality of life through providing an additional stream of income. The cacao fruit from Dominican Republic and Ecuador impart to this chocolate an exceptionally fruity burst of citrus and tropical fruit notes. This chocolate is as close as you can get to the natural goodness of cacao and the exotic bounty of a cacao forest.

16 Items results

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